Watson and Briscoe

Davidson Elementary School is pleased to announce our 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Mary Catherine Briscoe. Mrs. Briscoe is from Oxford, Mississippi. She and her husband Josh have one daughter. 


Mrs. Briscoe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Mississippi as well as a Master’s Degree in Theory and Instruction from Arkansas State University. Mrs. Briscoe has taught math at Davidson Elementary School for 7 years. 


Principal James Watson says, “Mrs. Briscoe is a valuable asset to Davidson Elementary. She gives 110% every day in the classroom. It is evident through classroom observations and student performance data that students achieve high levels of learning during their time in her classroom.”


Mrs. Briscoe’s favorite thing about teaching math at DES is seeing the excitement in student’s eyes when they master a skill or show growth on a benchmark. Mrs. Sullivant recalls one of the most memorable moments from this school year is seeing Mrs. Briscoe share the news with one student of his growth on the third nine weeks’ benchmark. “I am pretty certain everyone nearby had teary eyes, the excitement Mrs. Briscoe shared with her student was incredible.”


Students thrive in Mrs. Briscoe’s math class. Jericho Williams says, “She helps me get better at my studies. She helps you until you get it. When I’m in a bad mood, she doesn’t send me to get in trouble, she talks to me. She is always available to talk to me, when I’m angry and frustrated she will calm me down.” Paisley Blakely says, “she explains things to me and always reminds me I’m good at math.”


For these reasons and many more, Davidson Elementary School has named Mrs. Mary Catherine Briscoe as our 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year.