Kathy True

District Testing Coordinator


During Testing


  • Ask for procedural help when directions allow, your teacher is there to help you.
  • Read the question and all answer choices before marking anything.
  • Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Do your best and then move on.
  • Be sure to go back to those questions you skipped.
  • After you have been through all of the questions once, go back and find the questions you skipped.
  • Look at all of the answers; use your knowledge to eliminate obvious wrong answers. If you can eliminate two wrong answers, your chance of choosing the right answer is greater.
  • Find key words or phrases in the question that will help you choose the correct answer.
  • Make sure you understand what the question is asking.
  • Be sure you are responding to the question that is being asked.
  • Don’t worry if you run out of time. There is no prize for finishing first!
  • Once you have finished, please remain quiet and still as others will still be taking the test.



Testing Tips


The Morning of Testing


  • Start your day as you always do.
  • Eat a good breakfast and don’t drink a large beverage before the test.
  • Get to school a few minutes earlier than you usually do.
  • Know what classroom you are to report to.
  • Think Positively! You know the material.
  • Relax!


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